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Epoxy Commercial Flooring in L.A. County

At C*Rock Finishing, we provide the following epoxy flooring services (and more) to Alameda County and the Bay Area, Los Angeles County, County of San Diego and Sacramento County.

Epoxy Commercial Flooring in L.A. County

Epoxy Flooring / Commercial Floor Coatings

While epoxy flooring is traditionally used for commercial flooring, it is an excellent choice for most applications (Light Industrial, Commercial & Retail, Residential). Epoxy flooring is a great option when you're looking for a finished floor which cleans and maintains easily, while being eco-friendly, and highly customizable.

Epoxy flooring for commercial kitchens it’s also an option aligned with USDA requirements. For residences, epoxy flooring on concrete is now commonly used in basements, bathrooms, kitchens and garages throughout Los Angeles.

Below are options available for epoxy flooring throughout Los Angeles County. Click to learn more about each or click to get a free estimate.

Epoxy High Build / Thin Build

Epoxy high / thin build is an excellent option to obtain a highly durable floor for low cost. This method is customizable with colors, effects, and inlays and great for residential epoxy flooring, epoxy flooring for homes, or bathrooms.

Epoxy Broadcast System / Color Quartz System

The Epoxy Broadcast System is very good for industrial high traffic areas, residential & commercial garages, commercial kitchens, and anywhere heavy use or impact resistance is needed. It requires the epoxy high/thin build with the addition of a fill element, like color quartz or glass, for added slip resistance and effects.

Epoxy Flake/Chip System

Epoxy flake/chip system flooring provides excellent impact and slip resistance, with an easy to clean and colorful finish. It is an excellent option for garages, working or commercial areas with high traffic and regular use.

Mortar Mix / Urethane Cement Floors

Mortar mix or urethane cement floors are the top choice for heavy industrial and high traffic areas, residential & commercial garages, commercial kitchens, and anywhere heavy use, impact resistance, and lifetime of the floor is a factor. Mortar system flooring has the added benefit of being an antimicrobial surface, making it perfect as a USDA Certified floor for factory food production and a great choice for epoxy flooring for kitchens.

Looking for the perfect epoxy flooring solution for your space in Los Angeles County? Contact us for any questions on options that fit best for you, or for a free estimate.

Feel free to learn more by clicking the name of each finish to head over to a larger list of pros and cons of each solution.

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