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Sealing Concrete Flooring in L.A. County

At C*Rock Finishing, we provide the following sealing concrete flooring services (and more) to Alameda County and the Bay Area, Los Angeles County, County of San Diego and Sacramento County.

Sealing Concrete Flooring in L.A. County

Sealing Concrete

While often overlooked due to concrete's robust characteristics, sealing the concrete substrate minimizes dusting, ensures long life and stain resistance for years to come, if properly maintained. Common uses in the area include driveways, countertops, garage floors, basements, roofing through L.A. and is often used  in conjunction with staining concrete for an even finer low cost finish.

Concrete Sealants

Concrete sealants can be either topical or penetrating. The types of sealants used are dependent on the conditions the concrete is under and will be expected to perform at. We provide solutions for finishing sealants or options for waterproofing for longevity of your flooring while providing excellent waterproofing properties with a luxurious beading finish.

Concrete sealants are a cost effective option that will last for years. A fast turnaround time, these finishes can be ready for use within 3 hours or heavy use in only 24 hours. Sealed concrete floors increase the ease to maintain flooring for rooms, pavers, driveways, patios and more.

Looking for the perfect sealing concrete floor for your space in Los Angeles County? Contact us for any questions on options that fit best for you, or for a free estimate.

Feel free to learn more by clicking the name of the finish to head over to a larger list of pros and cons of the solution.

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