About the Service We Provide

At C*ROCK Floor Finishing we focus on 4 types of concrete related services; Epoxy Flooring, Polishing Concrete, Staining Concrete, and Sealing Concrete.  While we do provide other related services, such as more specific types of sealing (waterproofing) and alternate methods of epoxy type* products, if you have any questions please contact us and we will do our best to answer questions for you or point you in the right direction if we are not able to meet your needs.


Epoxy Flooring

Usually a two part (resin/hardener) glue which has a high tensil strengh, is easily designed with color and texture, and can be combined with other materials (silica, vinly chip flakes, colored quartz) to increase impact resistance.

Polished Flooring

The process of escalated dimond grinding of a concrete substrate, with finer and finer grit levels, thereby strengthing the surface tensil strengh and providing a sheen, often from light sheen to high gloss finish.  Desifyers and sealants are often apart of the process.

Stained Flooring

The process of tinting or coloring a concrete floor or overlay (layer of concrete type blends over existing floors) to give the look of colored rock.  Highly designable, certian tinting and acid staining will provide rich tones and stand up to heavy use for years requiring little to no maintance.

Sealing Concrete

This is the process of sealing, in this case, concrete or similar building materials, to maintain and the substrate for use.  A great way to go if needing a simple and economical way to clean up the concrete for use.

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