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Sealing Concrete Flooring

While often overlooked due to concretes robust characteristics, sealing the concrete substrate minimizes dusting, ensures long life and stain resistance for years to come, if properly maintained.


At C*Rock Finishing, we provide the following sealing concrete flooring services (and more) to Alameda County and the Bay Area, Los Angeles County, County of San Diego and Sacramento County.

Concrete Sealants CRock Finishing

Concrete Sealants

Sealants can be either topical or penetrating.  The types of sealants are dependent on the conditions the concrete is under and will be expected to perform at.  For example, epoxies and urethanes, per other services of ours, are considered sealants as well.  However for "waterproofing" we are referring to the sealants, which create a water resistant surface, similar to a chemically treated furniture or carpets which will bead water which hits it instead of allowing it to soak in.


  • Cost effective option, some products require little prep and last for years

  • Fast turn around time, some products ready for use within 3hrs, heavy use within 24hrs

  • Eco-friendly, LEED rated and credited material 

  • Easy to maintain


  • Does not hold up to corrosives, some as simple as plant vegetation.

  • Some systems will wear in high traffic areas

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