About the Job Types We Service

At C*Rock Finishing we focus on the three major service industries; Commercial & Retail, Industrial, and Residential.

Each job type requiring a different focus; be it timing, detailed work, whatever the case may be, we are experienced professionals ready for the opportunity to serve you.

In the ever changing and competitive marketplace, it always pays to have a highly designable and functional floor in place.  See our Commercial & Retail Job Types page to see options for your spaces.

As a necessity for some industries, the proper type of flooring is essential to saftey, production, and growth. See our Industrial Job Types page to see options for your spaces.

With so many design options and the great functional use of our flooring solutions, it's no surprise that these types of flooring are sought-after by homeowners and property managers.  See our Residential Job Types page to see options for your spaces.

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