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Stained Concrete Flooring in the Bay Area

At C*Rock Finishing, we provide the following stained concrete flooring services (and more) to Alameda County and the Bay Area, Los Angeles County, County of San Diego, and Sacramento County.

Stained Concrete Flooring in the Bay Area

Stained Concrete Flooring

Staining is a beautiful addition to any concrete floor. Giving old, and new, floors vibrancy and warmth while providing the durability of concrete. Options for staining include stain type, colors, and sealers. Stained concrete is often accompanied by polishing for an even more complete look and durable finish.

Often sought after through Oakland County for stained concrete patios, driveways, faux wood finishes, basement flooring or pool decks, the color finish can be provided by a water-based stain, coloring overlay or acid-etch. Each option provides its own unique benefits for commercial or residential spaces.

Types of finishes for Polished Concrete Flooring

Water-Based Stain

While acid-etch staining has been the industry standard for its rich finish, we provide the top quality of water-based stains today for finished often on-par with acid-etching. Water-based stain is a lower cost option with a large variety of color available with comparable lifetime and durability than acid-etching. Limitations seem only to be with richness of color, while it provides quick turnaround times and easy maintenance.

Integral Coloring Overlay

Acid-Etch Stain

Acid-etch is excellent for interior and exterior surfaces like stained concrete patios, pool decks or driveways. The etching permeates concrete surfaces up to 1/4inch for high durability and ease to maintain. This process of concrete coloring deals in more earthy tones, usually with a limited palette, up to about a dozen or so colors. Acid-etch stain is great for Commercial & Retail, Residential, and Industrial, and a very good option for areas where a warm inviting area is sought after.  Acid-etch stain provides a patina-like effect and warm tones -  giving a new sense of life to any existing concrete floor.

Looking for the perfect stained concrete flooring solution for your space in Oakland County and the Bay Area? Contact us for any questions on options that fit best for you, or for a free estimate.

Feel free to learn more by clicking the name of each finish to head over to a larger list of pros and cons of each solution.

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