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Concrete Polishing and Epoxy Flooring in Sacramento

Sacramento, Solano, El Dorado, Yolo, Amador, San Joaquin

Concrete polishing and epoxy flooring in Sacramento, Elk Grove, Rancho Cordova, Folsom, and Roseville.

Sacramento County

Concrete provides an excellent, attractive and durable surface for finished flooring, which is why it is a top choice for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces throughout Sacramento, and surrounding areas.

At C*Rock Finishing we focus on Epoxy Flooring, Concrete Polishing, Stained Concrete, and Sealing Concrete. Other similar services provided as well, such as waterproofing and deck coatings.

Here are our most common flooring finishes for residential and commercial spaces throughout Sacramento and surrounding areas.


Epoxy Flooring / Industrial Coatings

Epoxy flooring provides the perfect solution for high impact or high traffic spaces in both commercial and residential settings. Epoxy flooring for concrete is designable to color and texture, and can be combined with other materials such as silica/sand, vinyl chip flakes, or colored quartz to increase impact resistnace, safety, and design.

For more information click to view our epoxy flooring page.

Common Epoxy Flooring Applications in Sacramento

The following applications of epoxy flooring are common for customers in Pheonix, Arizona - each solution is possible with C*Rock Finishing.

  • epoxy flooring for wearhouse

  • epoxy flooring for resturant

  • epoxy flooring for clean space

  • epoxy flooring for basements

  • epoxy flooring for homes

  • epoxy flooring for bathrooms

  • Residential epoxy flooring

  • Marble epoxy flooring

  • epoxy flooring for kitchens


Polished Concrete Flooring

Beautiful and durable lifetime floors which are eco-friendly and highly customizable. Suitable for commercial, industrial, and residential spaces in a variety of applications.

For more information click to view our polished concrete page.

Concrete Polishing in Sacramento

Here are some common searches from local folks which we can help with...

  • Concrete Polishing

  • Concrete Polishing near me

  • Polishing concrete near me

  • Polished concrete flooring

  • Polished concrete maintenance

  • Residential polished concrete floor

  • Polished concrete texture

  • Polished concrete garage floor


Stained Concrete Flooring

While it is purley an asthetic change, meaning no concrete flooring should be just stained as it needs to be sealed in some way. The process of coloring or staining a concrete floor or overlay adds a element of high designability, provide rich tones, and if properly sealed, stand up to heavy use for years to come.

For more information click to view our stained concrete page.

Common Stained Concrete Flooring Applications in Sacramento

Here are some of the top searches from local folks which we could help with as well...

  • concrete staining

  • stained concrete flooring

  • stained concrete patio

  • stained concrete driveway

  • Outdoor stained concrete

  • White stained concrete

  • stained concrete basement floor

  • Gray stained concrete

  • stained concrete pool deck


Sealing Concrete

While epoxy and coatings, as well as concrete polishing, are themselves ways of sealing concrete, there are other products for sealing concrete flooring as well. Ranging from acrylics to urethanes and oil/water resistant compounds as well. Sealing concrete is a great way to go if you need a simple and economical way to prepare the concrete for use.

For more information click to view our sealing concrete page.

Common Sealing Concrete Applications in Sacramento

Here are some common concrete sealing searches from your area which we can help with...

  • sealing concrete driveway

  • concrete flooring

  • sealing concrete countertops

  • sealing concrete counters

  • sealing concrete patio

  • concrete sealing and staining

  • sealing exterior concrete

  • sealing concrete garage floor

  • sealing concrete basement floor

  • sealing imprinted concrete

  • sealing concrete walls

  • sealing concrete

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