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Creating Patterns and Designs on Concrete Floors

Updated: May 17

concrete floor patterns C*Rock Finishing

Concrete floors are a popular choice for business and even residential because they're very durable, easy to clean and inexpensive. They also have a modern look that suits contemporary interiors. But just like any other flooring material, concrete needs some care if it is going to look its best. Some folks like to add more design elements to concrete flooring though, and mosaics or patterns are a great way to go!

The most basic concrete floor is just a slab of grey concrete. It's durable, easy to clean and can be made to look like other materials, such as wood or tile. This makes it an ideal choice for industrial settings (and any place where dirt and oil are likely to be tracked in).

But if you want more design for your floor, incorporating patterns and designs are a great way to go, this is by using stains most of the time to apply patterns. However you can also do this with colored epoxy coatings if needed for walkways or other designs.

concrete floor patterns

Staining Patterns in Concrete Floors

This is usually done before finishing the floor with concrete polishing. However it can be done under a clear coat epoxy as well for really beautiful results!

  1. First the floor is prep'd... Grinding is the best and necessary for concrete polishing or clear coat epoxy.

  2. Square off the space, using chalk lines to make sure your templets are going to line up in the most efficient way. Rooms of rarely perfectly square, don't count on it!

  3. Using two people, mostly to make sure the person moving the stencil doesn't get stain on things accidentally, one person sprays stain, one holds stencil, and then they both move. Using a acetone stain because it will soak/suck into the concrete surface faster instead of needing to be worked in, and this avoids the possible wipe if touched after 5min or so since acetone evaporates so quick.

  4. Clean up and finish floor with options for finishing.


With practice and patience, you can create a patterned concrete floor that looks great in any space. The possibilities are endless! We however are biased and want to help you with your project, but if you'd like a great DIY project then go for it, it's pretty relaxing when in the process... If you'd like professionals to carry out the project, contact us at C*Rock Finishing today and we'd be happy to help.



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